How much does a subscription cost?

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Costs vary depending on 1) length of subscription, and 2) the size of your T-shirt. Monthly subscription prices start at: 


Cost (plus shipping)

Army/Navy/Marine/Air Force Block (Civilian)

$34.00 USD

Army/Navy/Marine/Air Force Block (Military)

$30.60 USD

We offer discounts when you commit to a packaged term with a one-time up-front payment. Discounts are as follows:

Packaged Term 


3 months:

5% discount

6 months:

7.5% discount

12 months:

10% discount

** Discount are applied to grand total including shipping! 

Larger sized shirts incur additional costs from our suppliers as follows:

Shirt Size

Additional Cost


$1.50 USD


$2.50 USD


$3.50 USD


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